Top favorited sport events for betting (Part 3)

Here we continue to share top favorited sport event you should follow or enjoy if you place on bets. 

It is a useful advice when you place order in some famous sport events because it has more evidences or experiences from the former before.

5, Boxing

If you are doing research in the UK betting sites, boxing is a great recommendation. The fact, boxing has never become less popular with the UK market. Both spectators and bettors love boxing as their daily favorites.

Some famous matches in boxing you should follow in the current time like Mayweather, Conor McGregor, Pacquiao, so on.

According to one report, multiple sportsbooks can earn 1 million of dollars after finishing one boxing match. the number is enough to prove that it’s beneficial or not.

6, The Grand National

It is a horse racing event located in Great Britain.

It is considered as the hardest horse race in the world.

Although this event is not really famous in the US betting market, it is expected the most in the UK, as well the Kentucky Derby referred in the former article.

According to report, there are about 500-600 million spectators to follow from all over the world. After per match, the bookmakers can earn up to $400 million. 

7, World Series

World Series is a baseball event organized in the USA. Many bettors love this bet because it has simple rules for reference and reading usage.

This event is voted for one of the most-watch sport events in the USA.

In the recent time, one story about Jim- a business owner to bet $11 million dollars to protect his frame and promotion in his page. This is numerous for a transaction. It’s a small evidence to prove its frame in the betting market.