Top favorited sport events for betting (Part 1)

Sport event becomes an indispensable part of gambling market. Even, it’s the truth when we regard sport as the most potential field to make business in gambling. Therefore, the number of bettors choose sport events for betting take up a big rate.

In this article, we refer top favorited sport events in betting. If you are finding some events to start bets, this following reference is useful because it’s better to follow the majority as well tendency of the market.

1, FIFA World Cup

Anyone loves football, they can’t miss FIFA World Cup event for betting which is established every four year. It’s the biggest football tournament to attack all top the strongest football teams in the world for competition.

Because it is only hold in a short time, it is expected by all football bettors. 

In World Cup 2018, estimated about nearly 4 billion people to view and cheer up for all 64 matches. And about $7.2 billion to be wagered in the final match. 

2, Super Bowl

Super Bowl is one of the most popular sports in the USA, so it has a big number of bettors. 

According to the ranking, super bowl is the biggest game for betting annually in America whereas the American gambling market is the most potential for business in the world.

There are a wide range of betting types for this game like: bets on halftime show, coin toss, singing national anthem or other parts in match. 

For example, about number of Super Bowl. In the match between Kansas City chiefs and San Francisco 49ers in early of 2020, there are almost $7 billion dollars to be transacted. This number is terrible for one event but it’s normal and usual in one Super Bowl event in the USA. Actually, the local love this game.