Top favorited sport events for betting (Part 2)

One of useful tips for betting is choosing popular games to collect real experience and comment of the previous bettors.

If you work hard to selec information of popular games, you have more oppurtunity to make right decision. Now, we continue to share top favorited sport events you shouls place on betting.

From the former article, we have ever shared two events: FIFA World Cup in football and Super Bowl in baseball. Here is other events.

3, Kentucky Derby

Above sport games, horse race is one of the most favorite event. The fact, it is also the oldest history in the world.

The Kentucky Derby is the most famous for horse race which any bettor prefers and expects to place on it.

Annually, there are millions of people from around the world visit Kentucky and make bets. Or you also choose some sportsbookers offer this race and take action on it to pick a winner.

According to the report, in 2019, the revenue from betting is about $250 millions dollars. It is an interesting industry with million dollors.

4, March Madness

Another sport is also loved for betting, called basketball woth March Madness competition.

It is a college tournament held in the USA. It attacks a big mount of the young for betting, espcially students who are major members of the event. Besides it, the adult is also interested in placing a wager for this event. They feel happy and comfortable to enjoy the nosiy area with the young.

Estimated that the organization of this event can earn $8.5 billion dollars from gambling when finishing the event.

The fact, this event is expected to bring more frame and popularity than baseball when the number of bettors has increased dramatically in the recent time. It is over fans of baseball.