Top 10 countries having the largest amount of money spent on gambling (Part 1)

Australia and Singapore are the most gambling countries in the world, with the annual loss of more than 1,000 USD per adult. Besides, there are many developed countries whose people spend such huge amount of money on this addictive type of entertainment.

Let’s have a look at the list of top 10 countries whose people spend the largest amount of money on offline an online casinos.

  1. Spain

In Spain, the average money spent on gambling is $418 per adult.

Since the smoking ban was introduced in 2010 and the economic recession of 2008-2013, the gambling industry in Spain has decreased slightly. However, Spain is still on this list, with an average annual loss of US $418.

The government has levied a 20% tax on lottery prizes worth more than 2,500 euros. In Spain, gambling has been legalized since 1977, and mechanical gambling was recognized in 1981.

  1. Greece

The average money people in Greece spending on gambling is $420 per adult.

Over the past few years, Greece has faced a difficult economic situation. However, in 2013, people still “baked” 2.3 billion dollars into gambling. The multi-billion dollar bailouts of the EU and the IMF require the government of the country to privatize many public assets.

In order to meet the conditions of this bailout, in August 2013, Greece sold the government-owned OPAP company, once monopolized in the country’s gambling industry. Currently, Emma Delta holds a 33% OPAP stake.

  1. Norway

In Norway, the average money spent on gambling is $448 per adult.

Gambling is illegal in most of Norway. The gambling industry in the country is run by two government companies, Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto, which allow betting and gambling.

Since 2010, the Norwegian government has imposed mandatory laws, requiring banks in this country not to allow customers to use money on bank cards at casinos worldwide and to play online. However, Norwegian gamblers still circumvent the law, and look to other online casinos to satisfy this expensive hobby.