Introduction to European roulette at online casino (Part 1)

Roulette has an interesting history dating back to the era of France before the Revolution, but it was not until this interesting gambling game crossed the Atlantic to the New World that its popularity increased. skyrocket. Since its launch in Las Vegas, the area has been a haven for online games, and now live and mobile betting roulette is the dominant game. It is estimated that the exact origin of this game dates back to ancient Rome. Around that time there were records reflecting that people shot arrows into the gaps between the wheels and bet that the arrow would shoot.

Ancient Chinese and ancient Greeks played games similar to roulette. During the 17th century two variations of the roulette became widely available. The British play a game with a round table of 42 holes (20 odd, 20 even and 2 for the house). The Italian plays a game known as Hoka, which simply requires the player to throw a ball into one of the 40 holes or cups.

There are 3 cups with a zero, and the house wins if the player’s ball falls into one of those cups. Since then, the French mathematician Blaise Pascal created the Roulette Wheel (meaning small wheel in French) and it’s famous all over the world.

European Roulette becomes the top attraction in Monaco, and American Roulette is the 2nd most famous variant. However, most of the roulette is more popular in Europe. The advent of the online betting industry has created a huge wave of love for roulette variations of players everywhere.


Since the game is of French origin, many of the expressions used in roulette are of French origin. The terms listed below apply to both American and/or European roulettes.

American Wheel – American version contains 38 boxes including number 00. European version has only 37 boxes.

Column Bets – All numbers on the table are arranged in columns with 12 numbers, they include 3 columns: (1-12), (13-24), (25-36). You are paid 2: 1 when you win.