General Rules of Tennis Betting

All transactions are considered valid only when the game has ended. If the arbitral tribunal decides to start a match again, the transactions in that match will be considered invalid.

If a player cannot take part in a match or tournament according to the scheduled time, all bets on this player (including all open bets for this player) will be void.

If a player or teammate withdraws or is disqualified during a match, all bets on this match will be void.

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If the venue is moved to another venue, all bets will be void.

If the match time for a match is changed by adding or subtracting to divide the match, all bets placed on that match will be void.

If a match is postponed or suspended, all bets are still valid when the match is completed.

If bets are placed on a single player or in a match in a match, if the match is suspended or the player is disqualified during the time of the match, all bets will be placed. Refunds for bets placed on this match.

For parlay bets with the exceptions of the above matches, the parlay bet will automatically be calculated separately.

For example, 1 parlay has 3 matches, if 2 matches are postponed or suspended, this parlay bet is still valid, but only the remaining match will count as a winner in this case.

If the match is started before the scheduled time is announced, bets placed before the scheduled time of the match will be considered valid. In contrast, bets placed after the match has taken place will be considered void. (except for bets on “In-Play”).

In the 4 championships (Australian Open, US Open, Open Solution and Wimbledon), the method of determining the results will be as follows.

For Men, the player wins the first 3 games, will win the whole match.

For Women, the player wins the first 2 games, will win the whole match.